about me

As an editorial consultant, I work for various online and print publications, helping each to convey their message with accurate reporting, stylish writing, and careful editing. But more about me, me, me:

I was born in Sealy, Texas, a tiny town where Sealy mattresses were once made, but I grew up in San Francisco. I moved to New York in 1996, and notwithstanding a couple years in Paris and Dongguan, China,  I’ve lived here ever since.

I graduated from Columbia University with a degree in history, with a focus on consumer culture, trying to figure out why people buy what they do. This means I wrote papers on stuff like the semiotics of the J. Crew catalog, the role of the gift store in the museum, and the development of the supermarket in France. Surprisingly, my history major did not lead to poverty and unemployment. (At least not immediately.) In fact, thanks to my paper about semiotics of the J. Crew catalog, I got my first job out of college as a research assistant and writer for the now-defunct Martha By Mail, Martha Stewart’s mail-order catalog.

Besides writing and editing, I’ve also worked as a gift-wrapper for Saks Fifth Avenue, where I wrapped more than 100 snow globes;  a middle-school English teacher in China; and at the age of 12, as the co-founder of a summer camp for neighborhood children. In 2009, I appeared as an extra (ahem, sorry, “background performer”) in “Take-Out,” an episode of Law & Order, which brought me five seconds of anonymous fame.

I live in New York, with my husband, Adam Kuban, and our baby daughter.